I wonder oftentimes,
what if fate gives me a second chance?
What if I have the power to undo my biggest mistake?
Will the next day morning be different as I awake?

How I hope it will.
Because all along it’s been so hard for me to deal
the pain of losing you..of missing you.
Because having you not around isn’t what I want to get used to.

It was at the seventh day of October.
The day my life has changed forever.
Your words still linger as it said ” I’m doing this not because I don’t love you any longer..
It’s just that I can’t take to bother you doing things for you which really matter.”

I felt that knotting pain grew inside me.
Was it all we would ever be?
Then you stood up and made your way to the door.
That weakened me even more.

I realized I could never give you up
not even my priorities could make what’s “OURS” stop.
And so the next second I followed you
but i came too late..there’s nothing more I could do.

It all happened right before my eyes.
So fleeting that I instantly felt so numb and got down on my knees
I ran my way towards you with my tears kept on falling
I held you in my arms with my body still trembling.

Amidst the crowd almost covering us
I let go of my sobs as if tomorrow never comes
I almost fell ill when you freed my hands then drew your last breath.
With you gone,I also lost my strength.

It’s been almost fifty years
yet I still spend sleepless nights
I still wish you’re here
I miss you so much, my dear.

I wake up the next day
realizing things seem going the wrong way
or should I say..
things used to happen this way?

My skin went unwrinkled
and every sign of old age suddenly faded.
Could it be time had answered my knock?
Did I just pull the years back?

My eyes moved around as my feet starts to wander.
Same place,same faces and the date… seventh of October.
I rushed my way feeling so dauntless more than ever.
There’s no way I will let you slip away from me again…forever.

I still felt the piercing pain just like before
but unlike to the prior, as you made your way to the door,
I clasped your hand then gently hold close your body
as I say the word I left unuttered… “SORRY”.

But as reality hits me
I woke up only to find out I’m only dreaming.
Here comes again the emptiness,
back to those same old days full of sadness.

I moved out of my room then made my way to the kitchen
just like what I always do now and then.
But to my surprise
How come it seems I’m in a wrong house?

And then I heard the door opened.
as someone sent her way in.
She came along towards me while singing.
That voice.The voice I will never get tired of thinking.

My heart almost came out of my chest
as I turned around and saw her face.
Now I can bravely face the years and left all the tracks of my tears.
Now… now that she’s here.

if only i could turn back into time.


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