~The Shore~

As I slowly made my way to the shore,
my mind started to drift off once more.
I remember when you were six while I’m barely just four
and the very fist time I got your glance right at our backdoor.

I was hollowed back then by an extreme sadness
when you came and gently wiped my tears with your soothing palms.
It felt as if I was the m0st fragile thing
firmly shielded with the comfort you’re bringing.

Years had gone by so fleeting
and so as far our friendship kept on sailing.
Just like the older days,
it’s you I counted on always.

Then the day I least expected came
when I realize what I felt for you was never been the same,
because I knew back then
that i can hardly wait to be.. more than just a friend.

And so I grasp every opportunity I got
just to show you how much you meant a lot.
I would gladly fight every limit
and there’s no way would I stop nor quit.

Yet, good things indeed never last..
because every dream I made for us
eventually went down and crashed.
Oh, how could be fate this so harsh?

I would phone you up
but you never called back.
I tried to put the gap closer
but you treated me just a bother.

That hurts.
So stabbing.Piercing. Intense.
Knowing that you were just alm0st next to me
yet it seemed I’m the farthest person from you.

The days went on to months,
yet it’s still you which my heart ardently haunts.
It’s still your smile which always made me so high.
and it’s still you who had all the power t0 break and make me cry.

Then came one day when your voice made me awaken,
the one that I’ve been longing for to listen
It was just a mere phone call
but I knew it would bring things into its right place to fall.

You’re peacefully parking yourself along the shore
as I silently made my way and made steps more.
I took a seat nearby
then heard you sigh.

You clasped my hand firmly,
as your tired voice whispered to me softly,
“I have loved you ever since I was six..
and I’m sorry I’ve never got the chance to freely show it just because I’m sick.”

You told me much more about everything
as my tears went on unstopping.
And when I saw your tears dropped,
it’s also when your heartbeat stopped.

The hand which awhile ago holding me tightly
is now losing its grip slowly.
And the life of the guy i have always loved from the start,
was taken away..along with my heart.

the waves came to be the only witness..


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